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I’m Sharon. I’m an experienced web professional, specialising in intranets and social media. I’m a communicator, a blogger, a geek, a weekend tinkerer, and much else besides. I wear a lot of hats, literally and metaphorically.


Yes, my eyes are two different colours. Heterochromia, that’s what it’s called


I started my career early, writing for The Guardian at the age of 14. I went on to work as a journalist in La Paz, Bolivia, then moved into communications, working for a number of high-profile public sector organisations, including Westminster City Council and the Houses of Parliament, where I delivered an award-winning mobile intranet platform for MPs and Peers. Along the way I found myself working as an advisor to the Iraqi parliament in Baghdad, dodging roadside bombs in my quest for better web services.

In April 2012 I joined Standard Chartered. I’m currently Head of Digital Communications – looking after web, intranet and social media strategy for this global bank. There I am working on a wide range of digital projects across internal and external comms, and in particular the rollout of an enterprise social network.


I genuinely love communication. Done well, effective communication brings enormous benefits to both employees and the organisations that employ them. I love communication theory, too. I studied it at Goldsmiths, and in 2009 completed the CIPR Internal Communications Certificate, with my final project on social media and employee advocacy.

Social media

My experience of social media is wide-ranging and as an early adopter and longtime geek I’ve been interacting with strangers via the internet for over 20 years. Ironically, I was also a contributor to a printed guide to Facebook, and to Share This Too, the second volume of the CIPR’s handbook for social media professionals, which was published last summer.

I tweet a lot; about intranets, mostly, but also UX, usability, technology and public services. Plus food, TV, whimsy and regular rants about South West Trains. Despite this, I was named one of the most influential social media managers in banking.


As well as sporadic blogging here, I also blog over at Intranetizen, where I write about all aspects of intranet strategy, design and management. I love to talk about intranets – both online and in person – and have presented at many conferences and events. If you’d like me to speak or facilitate at your event, drop me a line. I’m passionate about the potential for the social web to allow people to collaborate, participate and make their own choices, both at work and in their communities.

Women in tech

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.25.46I’m one of the co-founders of 300 Seconds, a series of lightning talks for the digital industry. We want to make more voices heard in our industry debate, and in turn make the tech industry better reflect the makeup of our species, by giving new speakers the opportunity to gain confidence and experience in speaking in public.

We believe that digital is better when we hear from the many, not just the few.

We’ve delivered nine events across the UK, working with the likes of Facebook, the Guardian, the BBC, Mozilla, and the ODI.


I live a stone’s throw from the river, with my husband, David. I like to travel. I run a bit. In fact, I completed the 2014 London Marathon. Read more about training the geeky way on my marathon training blog,

Finally, although I talk about my work in my blog, any views expressed here are my own, not those of my employers.


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