How can we use web 2.0 to safeguard children?

FutureGov‘s Dominic Campbell asks how we can use the social web to improve the way children’s services connect and collaborate, and so become more effective in safeguarding children.

Here’s an extract from his FutureGov blog post:

“Sat watching the case of Baby Peter unfold on the television last year, as with the vast majority of you I’m sure, I was left feeling hugely saddened, frustrated and powerless to help prevent such events from ever happening again. I am not a social worker nor do I work for any one of the numerous agencies involved in the extremely complex and challenging world of child protection. However, it did get me thinking about where I might be able to provide some support, specifically around how we might be able to draw on social technologies to contribute to safeguarding children…

“…To start off with, we are looking to bring together multi-disciplinary group of senior managers and practitioners from childrens social services, teachers, police and health workers with social web technologist, public service designer, funders – or even just people who have a personal passion for this area – to help us design and run a small Safeguarding 2.0 pilot. Nothing big in the first instance, more a proof of concept if you like, but with the potential to transform the way in which professionals and non-professionals alike might better share information and form the kinds of relationships that might prevent future tragedies.”

It’s an ambitious but incredibly worthwhile idea, I’m sure you’ll agree. If you’d like to know more, or to share your ideas, go along to the workshop.

More details about the project and the workshop are in the briefing paper here:

One thought on “How can we use web 2.0 to safeguard children?

  1. The basic issues of information ownership and strategic architecture need a paradign shift away from their current organisation-centric structures. As an interim step, you might want to review Ciber’s ISA solution.

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