October update

Well, it’s been a busy month for intranet professionals – especially me!

I began the month with the happy news that my mobile intranet intranet at Parliament won an Intranet Innovation Award – a gold award for frontline delivery. I was presented with a lovely trophy by James Robertson at the most recent Intranetters meet-up.

Later that week I spoke at Interaction, a new conference from the folks over at Interact Intranet, who bought together intranet experts from across the UK, Europe and further afield. It was great to hear from so many industry thought leaders, many of them for the first time (such as Mark Morrell and Janus Boye), as well as meet other intranet specialists and swap war stories over coffee.

In my presentation, I shared my experiences developing a mobile intranet for Parliament – which I’ll blog about at some point soon.

Finally, this month I joined the team of writers at Intranetizen, one of the leading blogs in the industry. In my first post for them, published this week, I look at the latest award winning intranets and argue that their focus on delivering precisely what their users need is what makes the end product so good — and so impossible to scale.

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on intranets and more over on Intranetizen as well as here.

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