AI and the future of work

Working with digital workplace teams I find myself looking at the intersection of people, technology and culture. In my view the digital workplace both enables changes to the way we work and reflects changes that are happening elsewhere, driven by technology and society.

For example, while digital workplace technologies can enable flexible and mobile ways of working, it’s changes to work patterns and expectations that are driving the demand for flexibility.

Many services that we use outside and inside of work are becoming smarter and more targeted.And as consumers we have begun to expect smart, intelligent and delightful systems and interfaces at work as well as at home.

Last year I began looking at how Artificial intelligence can streamline and simplify the digital workplace. As I researched more I realised its impacts on the world of work are likely to be far more wide-reaching.

Lots of repetitive tasks and analysis type of work could conceivably be done by AI in the years to come. And that, in turn, will change almost every profession. This year I was invited to join the CIPR’s Artificial Intelligence Panel to look at the impact AI will have on my own profession, communications.

I discuss some of what I’ve learned in this interview with Marginalia, the Future Of Work magazine.

Let me know what you think.

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