I’ve spent the past decade helping complex organisations use digital channels and technologies to better deliver and communicate their purpose.

I focus on:

  • Digital workplace
  • Intranet
  • Internal communications
  • Future of work
  • Social media
  • Digital transformation

Things I can help with

Like many organisations, you might:

  • need to replace out-of-date platforms for internal communications and engagement, and want to identify what’s best for your organisation’s needs
  • have an intranet or social platform but engagement remains poor, so you want to identify what’s not working and what you could do better
  • have selected an intranet or digital workplace platform, and need support with rollout
  • need to give people clarity on the channels and platforms you use for communication
  • have organisational knowledge stuck in siloes, and want to understand how to unlock it
  • want to understand how to communicate in a changing world of work

Why work with me?

A communicator by trade but a longtime geek by nature, I can work with technology and business teams to deliver outcomes that work for both.

  • I help you to understand what you actually need – that could be building a business case, identifying what tech meets your needs, establishing governance, or guidance on how to use what you have more effectively
  • I deep dive into user needs to help you understand what will work for your people and the contexts they work in
  • I have extensive knowledge of intranet and digital workplace platforms and providers, so I can help you to select a good fit for your people, culture and budget, and advise on best practices for configuration, content, governance and training
  • I have a broad skillset, from research to strategy to communications, which means I can provide support across programme delivery if your team lacks the capacity or skills
  • I inspire people to think about what’s next
  • I have an extensive network. If I don’t have the right skills for your project, I’ll connect you with someone who does
  • I’ve worked in and with some of the world’s biggest and most complex organisations and in regulated industry. I understand how to make change happen in environments where digital “fail fast” approaches are counter-cultural

What I do

Every project is different, and before I start work I talk to clients about what they need and where I might be able to help.

Here’s a some projects I’ve worked on, to give a feel for the kind of thing I do:

  • Lead an intranet programme for Credit Suisse. Delivered a discovery exercise, made recommendations on platforms, resourcing and channel strategy, secured business case funding, and was retained as a strategic advisor for delivery of the digital workplace programme (including technology, stakeholder engagement, content and governance). This included delivery of two ‘alpha’ prototypes and a content simplification programme
  • Partnered with a large global bank on delivery of a new social intranet. I provided additional capacity and expertise to help them establish governance, developed guidelines and training and ensure they got the most from their investment in a new platform
  • Ran an intranet discovery for Allen & Overy. As well as identifying user an business needs, developed a digital workplace proposition, made platform recommendations, built a business case and multi-year delivery roadmap, and helped with internal stakeholder engagement
  • Lead a review of internal communications for Barnardo’s, the UK’s largest children’s charity. Began by understanding key business objectives and challenges for internal communications, plus the constraints of working with a largely mobile workforce. Made recommendations for channel consolidation and process improvement. Partnered with them to deliver a groundbreaking new ‘open intranet’, together with a content design strategy and launch of an enterprise social network (Workplace by Facebook)
  • Established the digital engagement and social media function for the Department for International Trade, including social activation of the GREAT campaign, aimed at increasing the number of UK exporters, boosting the value of export trade, and attracting inward investment to the UK. Advised on building digital communications capability across the Department in order to manage reputation in this sensitive political context
  • Reviewed National Trust‘s newly-launched intranet to understand why it failed to deliver the expected boost to engagement. Recommended changes to information architecture and search. Once implemented, their intranet went on to win multiple industry awards.
  • Conducted a review of communications processes at Shell and made over 50 recommendations for improvement to tactics and strategy
  • Advised UK Research and Innovation on tools and practices for effective internal knowledge capture and sharing, presenting insights and a roadmap for action
  • Conducting an internal communications audit for Community Health Partnerships. This meant reviewing their existing channels and content, identifying areas of strength and weakness and working with them to develop actionable recommendations for channels, content, distribution, integration, measurement, governance and capability

My involvement ranges from designing and delivering workshops to help you unlock what comes next, to developing strategy to longer-term programme delivery work.

If you would like to discuss how I can help your organisation tackle your challenges or opportunities, do get in touch.